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Come see us at the 2023 AHRI show and join us as AC Products USA, in collaboration with Arctic Hayes, evolves and introduces new product lines to the HVAC industry, coatings and equipment, along with products for the tools and consumables market, working side by side with our international partners you will find out that we have incredible opportunities for distributors who want to set themselves apart from the competition.

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With                 Clear Coat Protection


Without Clear Coat Protection

Action Corrosion has a background in commercial rust removal.  We have seen first hand the cost of rust and corrosion damage to commercial air-conditioning installations, bridges, pipelines, coastal resorts, and beachfront homes. Not to mention all of the damage that can be done by salt and sand to the undercarriage of a vehicle, boat, trailer, or ATV as well as the UV damage delivered by the sun to all UV exposed plastics, fiberglass and painted or powder coated surfaces.

With this knowledge, We began formulating the Action Corrosion range of rust removers and protective coatings. Now manufactured in the United States as well as Australia, these formulations had previously only been available to industry professionals. We are now packaging the range of anti-corrosion products with the intentions to get them into the hands of industry professionals and consumers in America through our distribution partners at SFL Sales LLC. the Exclusive ACTION Products representative for the Americas

Over the last 14 years Action Corrosion has undertaken Thousands of rust removal and prevention jobs, we have ongoing work relationships with companies that trust us on a daily basis to protect their investments, companies and entities like: ART railways, Queensland railway, Orlando Airport in Florida, Refineries, 4x4 parts manufacturer TJM, Cooling power in Miami, Actrol HVAC and refrigeration supply, Smithfield Farms in Illinois, Red Apple HVAC in Southern Californiacountless beachfront resorts, landmarks like the Sydney Opera house and Sydney Aquarium,  and the list goes on...

The products are packaged as single items or in cases. These products offer a simple, high performance, long lasting solution to rust removal and protection. All metals including stainless steel, mild steel, and other non ferrous products can be cleaned of corrosion and protected with the Action Corrosion line of products.

- This site has been designed to provide a service to the retail buyer, deliver information, safety tips and instructions, literature and pricing, as we work to establish representatives and retailers in each state we expect to see our products in a store near you and fill our dealer locator with convenient locations to serve you.

We do not ship to Hawaii but there are 2 dealer on the islands so you will be able to get Action products in all the Islands AC wareshouse stocks the HVAC-R Aerosol product and StopS Corrosion for all the other products in our dealer finder map

UPDATE 9/25/18 Canada you have a distributor!!! the folks at PROS Distributing are stocked up and can ship all over Canada, they will also be looking for retailers and sub-distributors, they have taken the long lead time and high shipping costs out of the equation and will be filling your rust removal and prevention needs, so its time to properly fight against rust and decay of your automobiles and belongings. Find PROS Distributing in our dealer finder map

UPDATE 08/01/19 parts of South America have access to our HVAC products by finding your nearest EVERWELL Parts dealer, you may request Action HVAC-R clear at any location that EVERWELL parts are found.

- We won't ship to Mexico from the US at this time unless you are using a freight forwarder and you can purchase products from EVERWELL but we are actively looking for distributors within Mexico to take on and distribute the line of products.

UPDATE 01/21/21: We are now working with 3 potential dealers for different regions of Mexico, looks like one distributors can do great things with the brand focusing on the HVAC product.

Pronto tendremos un distribuidor para Mexico, por favor tengan paciencia que ahi vamos! buscamos alguien con vision, que pueda entender el impacto que estos prodcutos van a traer a sus industrias, su region y a su futuro.

High Prestige will be handling the Yucatan Peninsula

And Reacsa will be receiving their shipment soon

-All commercial customers must email for orders.

-There will be NO international shipping through this site .

- Unless you are looking to become a dealer with us and order certain volumes, all small orders must be placed through this site and all orders are at retail prices.

-Action Corrosion products are represented in the Americas by AC Products USA and our selected distributors, re-sellers, regional representatives and trade partners

-All orders for the Caribbean and South America will be handled through our International sales division at AC Products USA

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Action Corrosion Pty Ltd has successfully undertaken years of internal, independent and field-testing of Action Clear HVAC-R Superior Protection on HVAC components and P.C. boards prior to releasing the product to the open market. These investigations give us confidence that the Action Clear HVAC-R Superior Protection has no detrimental effect to any P.C. board when applied as per our direction. P.C. boards, in particular, fail for many reasons including contact with moisture or vermin, corrosion, power surges, or defects arising from manufacture. It is for these reasons that Action Corrosion Pty Ltd offers NO WARRANTY for failure of a P.C. board after application of Action Clear HVAC-R Superior Protection. The user assumes all responsibility for any injury or damage to property and/or a HVAC installation after application of Action Clear HVAC-R Superior Protection.


If the P.C. board is already fitted within a HVAC unit, it can be sprayed in situ after removing the factory coating. Ensure the factory coating is removed, as there may be compatibility issues between the two products that may impact the performance of Action Clear HVAC-R Superior Protection. Boards that are purchased for installation require the plug-in terminals to be taped prior to coating.


Aerosol Contents under pressure. Do not store above 48°C and keep away from heat including the sun. Do not puncture or incinerate can even when empty. Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling contents can be harmful or fatal. Keep away from all live electrical sources. Failure to observe this warning may result in a flash fire or electrical shock. Action Corrosion Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for any injury to any person or damage to any property as a result of using this product.

As the USA representative for Action Corrosion, in order to serve our customers with the best quality products, A C Products USA reserves the right to change, add, rebrand or discontinue product containers, container styles, colors and product availability, change suppliers, blending facilities, update, change or acquire any proprietary blend at our own discretion with no warning at any time it deems necessary, and is not responsible for any updates to your information or literature on hand, Always check the website for the most up to date product information.


Thanks for your interest in For more information about our Online Store or the products we offer, get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.



Bryan Lemoine, CEO

AC Products USA


1-844-239-2775 (Eastern time)

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