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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Action Gel work like a paint stripper?

NO, Action Gel is not a paint stripper, it is a Rust Remover however; Action Gel will at times react to red paint because the iron oxide particles used for many red paints, we recommend testing on a small inconspicuous area before applying to a large area if you are concerned with the paint.

Is action Gel a rust converter?

NO, Action Gel is a Rust Remover however and some conversion will happen in instances where the rust and corrosion damage is deep and has damaged and pitted the metal, but Action GEL is not designed like those products you paint over rust and turns everything black

Will Action Gel burn my skin?

This is a two part answer, we always recommend wearing protective clothing, eye protection and gloves, but if you get some on your skin NO it will not burn right away however sooner or later you will feel an Itching sensation on the affected area and since this is an acid YES it will eventually irritate and possibly burn the skin, so as soon as you get it on your skin, simply rinse with fresh water.

Can I use Action Clear Coats to stop rust?

YES, Action Clear products will stop rust in its' tracks and keep it from advancing any further however; it will not remove existing Rust, for that you want to use Rust Removal Gel or Rust Bucket bath. If you want to achieve a rusty or "Patina" look, like oxidized copper gutters or rusty corrugated metal, just wait till the right look has been achieved and apply Action Top-Coat Clear for general industry, if it's a Rat-Rod trying to achieve a wet look on the rusty body, apply Action Rustproof clear, Etc, each Action Clear product is designed for each individual application.

Can I Clear coat my cat?

NO, do not clear coat the cat! make sure to keep away from pets and children.

Will Action Rust Bucket hurt my pet?

Keep All Action products away from pets and children, although Rust Bucket is quite innocuous and can get on the skin, it is also PH neutral with no acid smell and your pets could potentially ingest it if it gets on their fur/hair, do not allow yourself your children or pets to ingest any of the Action Products.

What do I do if I ingest or get Action Products on me or the cat?

Please make sure to read the safety information and all the FIRST AID information on the side of all Action Corrosion Product containers, for Medical advice call the poisons information center at 1-800-222-1222 and follow the directions.

Also don't let the cat use Aerosols.

How much GEL product do I need for my car?

That depends on the size, amount of rust and type of vehicle you intend to De-rust, but most full size trucks (F250 and the like) will require about 1 to 1 ½ bottles of Gel, This question is answered with a guide in one of the downloadable PDF instructions in the videos and project tab, that PDF is called Underbody Paint Procedure, there are however some limitations to the rust remover, if your frame has the kind of rust that has damaged the metal to the point that it needs grinding you may not be satisfied with the results, the Gel works very well at removing rust from a surface, but once that surface is heavily damaged you need to inspect closely to ensure your metal has not lost it's integrity for your own safety, if the metal looks like the road cancer has gotten to it, chances are that no rust remover can help and you cannot simply clean it, you must now repair it, please inspect your metal closely, do not simply paint over a rusted surface if it has lost it's structural integrity, you are responsible for your safety and although our product works great, it cannot perform miracles.

Can I use Action products to clean my rusty gas tank?

YES, so long as the tank is made of metal, empty and  removed from the vehicle, you can fill a rusted fuel tank with a Rust Bucket solution and let is set overnight (24 hours is best) and it will remove all the rust from steel fuel tanks, this works incredibly well when restoring motorcycle tanks and you wish to not damage the original paint. Although The Rustproof Clear coat products can resist gasoline, Diesel, brake fluid and so on, they are not rated or have been tested for the inside of a fuel tank, Please remember many times some Rust Bucket granules will remain undissolved, this is normal and you should not worry, remember to empty out the used liquid and undissolved granules into a reusable container for use again later.

How much Clear do I need for my HVAC unit?

Normally you will need one aerosol per ton when applying to HVAC systems, we have found that the best way to apply to HVAC systems, is to use the liquid with a brush for all the flat areas and the aerosol for the coil, or you may apply to the whole unit using an HVLP gun, the product can be applied to the PC board, cabinet, coils, compressor, copper, brass, plastics and drain pans.

How much Rustproof Clear do I need for my truck?

 We have a PDF guide on the Videos and Projects page called Underbody coating, this guide was made to answer this specific question, now peoples application styles vary, some paint with a heavy hand, some like top feed paint guns, others like pot guns, but the last page of the guide will give you a very close idea of what you will need depending on the size of the vehicle and still achieving the proper coat thickness, it also gives you some guidelines for proper nozzle size, Do and Don't but in the end you must be responsible for your own safety, prep, clean up and maintenance.

Can I use Action Clear on my Boat?

Although All Action Clear Products have salt inhibitors, We have a line of Marine grade products available in aerosol only at this time, this product has been developed because of the US market and will be available in aerosol only at first, these Action Products have been tested to withstand high salt water content and are made with corrosion and salt inhibitors. However they are not designed for 24/7 salt water immersion, they are made to protect in a high salt environment not under salt water.

Why don't you have the product in retail stores?

We are currently working on that, for the time being retail purchases must be made through this website, we are looking for retailers and reps to sell the product in stores and retail locations, and currently we are working with some distributors like IHRIE Supply and EVERWELL Parts to distribute the HVAC products and some independent distributors that you will find in our dealer locator map on the landing page, it is a huge task to set up distribution for the whole continent, but soon there will be a retailer near you, we welcome dealer inquiries and wish to work with distributors who can get these wonderful products in the customers hands.

Can I dunk a whole car frame in Rust Bucket?

YES, yes you can, granted it will take a lot of Rust bucket to dip a whole car frame and a really big area to do it in, but sure, why not? we have dipped sections of truck frame rails in Rust Bucket to clean them up with great results, in doing so you also also de-rust and clean up the inside of the frame as well as all those parts you cant hit with a sand blaster or grinder, and remember you will not get any flash rust unless you expose the bare metal to water and moisture. Best part is you can re use the product a few times before it loses it's de-rusting abilities.

Can I dip engine blocks in Rust Bucket?

YES, yes you can, in fact Rust bucket can be used on cast iron blocks we have de-rusted cast iron cylinder heads in the shop ourselves with outstanding results, the most impressive part has been how clean the water passages turn out, just make sure to fully submerge the parts and make sure there are no air bubbles so that the Rust Bucket can get into all the passages.

When will Glastion be available?

Glastion is available, we stock it in limited quantities while we test the market but the prospects are great hope to have it in a hardware store near you soon

What happens if I get Rustproof Clear on my exhaust when treating my car?

Nothing, Rustproof clear can take a certain level of heat, we have applied it to intake manifolds, valve covers, oil pans, transmissions and chrome exhaust tips, all parts that get very hot with no adverse effects, and if you get it on something that gets very hot like your exhaust manifolds or headers it will simply burn off over time, there is no risk of fire with our clear coat once it has dried. Remember the product is flammable in it's shipping form, the aerosol has a propellant that is flammable and if you use the liquid itself, it's flammable in it's liquid form until applied and dry, DO NOT apply any Action Clear Products near a source of heat, open flame, electrical parts that are energized or open electrical circuits.

What about C.A.R.B. And EPA compliance?

 During the development of Action products and the decision to make them available to the US market, a very large amount of time was invested into making sure that the products are safe, comply with environmental regulations and adhere to established standards, for example; most Action Aerosols conform to C.A.R.B. (California air resource board) PWMIR levels for ozone creating characteristics, our low V.O.C. and packaging levels are as required by the EPA, however; we are making sure to hav a low VOC formula that will make tick every box for the folks at CARB. All our product features are listed in the SDS which can be found in the SAFETY tab of this site. We know that by extending the life of every surface treated with Action Products, we help to keep appliances, vehicles, gutters, awnings and many other items out of the landfills, and keeping more material out of our landfills is important to us, if you add saving users money by extending the life of their Vehicles, HVAC systems and everything else they apply Action Products to, we have reason to feel good about what our products can do. A recent update is that we are currently working on lowering our VOC even further and getting clearance for introduction into the European market, so hang in there, good things are coming.

Why don't you ship internationally?

 Well, contrary to popular belief, it is very expensive to ship our products internationally on an individual basis, even though our specialty coatings are no more harmful or dangerous than the average can of paint or the typical can of aerosol they are still considered HAZMAT or DG products and shipping a single or just a few units costs just as much in freight ans shipping a whole pallet of our products, we are not willing to process small international shipments and we will absolutely will not ship via air freight. We will ship pallet and container quantities to our established international dealers only. If there is no established dealer in your country you have the option of contacting freight consolidators with a US address who are willing to ship small quantities to your desired country, however we cannot assume responsibility for overseas shipment, proper packaging or paperwork for international shipping, port fees, trade tariffs, handling charges or local taxes. However if you live in the Caribbean we have established a great relationship with CROWLEY logistics and they will get your shipment to you at a reasonable rate.

How does one become an Action Dealer/Representative?

 This is not a very hard thing to do but there are some conversations that need to happen, as we set up reps territories get locked out, we protect our dealers and their territories once they fulfill their orders and required commitment, we welcome your inquiries and will be glad to have a conversation about the opportunity to be one of the first dealers in the US.

 The US is still fairly open with the exception of Hawaii, Louisiana, Nevada, Northern California, and Florida, Our international dealers are growing quickly with dealers in Barbados, The Virgin Islands, Guam, Costa Rica, Canada and Aruba, we also reach as far as Ghana in the Ivory coast of Africa.

How does action work on wood?

 We have had this question several times, truth is we never set out to use this product on wood, however its not a problem if you get it on wood, this very question prompted us do start doing some testing, when you get Action clear products on a piece of wood, it acts like shellac would act, it simply takes a bit longer to dry to the touch but it seals up the wood and protects it, Action was never developed for this use it was developed for the protection of Metals, Plastics and other hard surfaces but some testing would be good to give you truthful answers. So, If you get action clear on a wood surface its not the end of the world, you may simply leave it on the surface or remove it with some thinner, we simply never intended for Action Clear Coats to be used as a primary seal coating for wood finishes and do not recommend this use.

Why can't I allow the GEL to dry?

 Although there are proprietary ingredients and specific blends that make the product  so effective, our GEL is Phosphoric acid based, this is the base ingredient that holds the whole thing together, this was done by design, you see Phosphoric acid is quite mild on the skin and although we recommend wearing protective gear to use, it's not as dangerous and destructive as Hydrochloric acid based removers, but due to it's nature, Phosphoric acid turns into a white crusty coat once it dries, which is going to be hard to clean up later, this is why we tell you not to let it dry.

What about the other gel products in the market?

 We have done out own testing under controlled conditions and to put it mildly Action Gel SMOKED the competition, under our controlled test the products were applied to identical, rusted metal plates and applied for the same amount of time (15 minutes) that time was chosen because the other brands required at lest 10 minutes to work, in that time our product outperformed the competitors and our Gel was only allowed to work 1/2 of the time we recommend. We performed this test 3 times with the exact same results. 

Why are the liquids only available in 1 quart size?

 For us it's all about compliance and being pro active, we know that with current standard VOC levels, shipping 1 quart quantities keeps us compliant with federal EPA regulations and CARB regulations. We also know our products are great at what they do to extend the life of all your metal surfaces but we are also aware of the regulations we must and do comply with, as new products are formulated and the new low VOC line of products is available, new sizes will be added to the lineup, but the testing process is rigorous and it takes years to satisfy our expectations, we have been testing the low VOW formula for years and are in the final stages of our own internal approval for going to market. 

Can rust bucket be mixed and put into spray bottles?

 Sure, but why? Rust bucket is designed as a bath to soak parts in over a while, over night or over a 24 hour period, when Rust Bucket is sprayed over a surface it will simply dry up and run off the area you want to treat, also Rust Bucket by nature leaves some granules undissolved and these granules will most likely clog your sprayer and then you'll be mad and your sprayer will be broken, so our suggestion is use rust bucket as a bath, the way it was designed or if you have a need to spray something you can put Action Gel and run it through a spray bottle to get into tough spots.

Why is Gel not removing my rust and not turning black

Remember that Action Gel is primarily a rust remover and is not designed to just convert rust in to that black stuff you are so used to, conversion is a process where a coating reacts with Iron oxide never actually removing rust but simply creating a surface that is more rust resistant, unlike the Rust removal gel which is designed to remove rust, however if your surface is damaged from 20 years of rust that has damaged the metal and turned to flakes and uneven surfaces, there is very little that can be done short of grinding or sandblasting to clean the surface properly. If your surface is so damaged that our rust remover wont clean it please consider proper inspection to ensure the integrity of the metal, don't just cover it with convert

Does your spray gel come with a spray nozzle?

Action Gel no longer comes with a spray applicator in America, however you can use most commonly found sprayers from any hardware store. the liquid is thick so remember it will come out in a big stream, care must be taken to protect your eyes from any splash caused by using a spray applicator, only use plastic sprayers, sprayers with metal parts will eventually become damaged by the Gel eating away the metal.

What HVLP gun should I use to spray clear?

This is one of the most difficult questions to answer, there are many good guns to use, some are cheap and some are expensive, there are top feed guns, pot guns and self contained electric guns, add to this that there are literally HUNDREDS of brands for each style, we cannot possibly rate them all, the facts you need to work with are the following:

-You MUST have a nozzle that can handle the thickness of the product, we recommend a 2.0 nozzle (1.8 or better) basically the kind of nozzle you would use on a primer gun and the PSI setting is usually between 50 and 60 based on our experience, remember to test, and remove any in-line paint filters from the paint gun.

-DO NOT THIN THE PRODUCT, once you add thinner you basically ruin the blend and you can just go ahead and throw it away, we have seen this over and over and we know exactly what it looks like when thinners have been added, it will not be warrantied or replaced because you did not follow instructions, DO NOT THIN THESE PRODUCTS!!!

-Use a proper compressor when using an air gun rather than an electric HVLP, DO NOT USE a pancake compressor, they do not have the capacity to provide the air flow required, we have seen this failure before, pancake compressors DO NOT work with these products.

-There are many ways to apply and if you are a professional, you know exactly what to do with a spray method that you are efficient and confident in, then do what works for you so long as you follow the application instructions, meet the proper thickness and prep your surface properly.

-If you are not very experienced with coatings applications, simply buy an electric self contained HVLP gun with a minimum nozzle size of 1.8 with a built in electric turbine compressor, we might make our preferred brand available through this site in the near future.

As we get more questions we will continue to add them here for your convenience

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