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De-Rust protect and stabilize your entire HVAC unit with this kit, it comes with everything you need to treat up to a 2 ton (24000 btu) system, this kit can be used to treat an existing system or a brand new system, the kit contains:

-2 Aerosol cans of our specially engineered HVAC-R rust inhibitor clear coat

-1 16 ounce container of our proprietary Rust Remover Gel

-1 1" brush to apply the Rust Remover Gel to your project

-1 Set of instructions

You can treat brand new units prior to or inmedailtely after installation, in which case you will rarely need to perform rust removal with the included Gel but the bonus is that you can use it on all sorts of rust stains around the home.

You can also treat existing units up to 10 years old depending on the level of existing rust and damage to the coils there is no benefit to you by treating units that are too far gone, please see our videos on treatment.

2 TON Coat & Save Kit/DIY AC stabilization

SKU: 045635428010

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