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The new innovation in glass and mirror delamination protection.

Glastion is a clear, durable sealer that prevents moisture entering the exposed glass edge, the most common cause of perimeter delamination. Glastion forms a physical barrier between the structural sealant and the PVB interlayer. The product’s thick consistency allows it to in-fill imperfections at the edge, including the groove formed between two panes in the laminating process. Glastion has anti-corrosion properties for the protection of mirror backing metals. The versatility of the product allows it to be easily applied at the time of manufacture or upon installation.

-Invisible on a glass/mirror edge
-Contains U.V. and heat inhibitors
-Waterproofs the PVB
-Quick cure, touch-dry in 15 minutes
-Perfect for high humidity environments
-Outstanding adhesion to glass and PVB
-Independently tested by Bureau Veritas
-Suitable for construction and automotive industries
-Multi year limited warranty

Glastion Glass Edge Sealer/Mirror and glass edge

SKU: 3684257411238

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