Scroll through to find videos on rust removal, metal restoration and rust protection for Cars, HVAC systems, everyday items around the home, job site and work place, we put our products against "the other guys" every day and come out on top every time.

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Calipers and Automotive

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Anti Corrosion Guide


  We are often asked, How can we back up our claims?  Well... the facts are that we do a lot of testing and love to show you what we do, but people don't care about about what we do around the shop or at the factory, Action Corrosion also gets their testing done by reputable third party testing agencies like Bureau Veritas and SIGMA Aerospace, well respected agencies with years of experience who have an extensive track record of integrity and reliability, so you don't have to just take our word, you can read what the experts have to say as well.

291 Hour

Salt Chamber test


Salt Chamber test

Temperature conductivity


Electrical Conductivity


Mold Testing

Salt Water Testing

400 Hour

Salt Chamber test