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Action Corrosion Pty Ltd has successfully undertaken years of internal, independent and field-testing of Action Clear HVAC-R Superior Protection on HVAC components and P.C. boards prior to releasing the product to the open market. These investigations give us confidence that the Action Clear HVAC-R Superior Protection has no detrimental effect to any P.C. board when applied as per our direction. P.C. boards, in particular, fail for many reasons including contact with moisture or vermin, corrosion, power surges, or defects arising from manufacture. It is for these reasons that Action Corrosion Pty Ltd offers NO WARRANTY for failure of a P.C. board after application of Action Clear HVAC-R Superior Protection. The user assumes all responsibility for any injury or damage to property and/or a HVAC installation after application of Action Clear HVAC-R Superior Protection.

Important information

If the P.C. board is already fitted within a HVAC unit, it can be sprayed in place after removing the factory coating. Ensure the factory coating is removed, as there may be compatibility issues between the two products that may impact the performance of Action Clear HVAC-R Superior Protection. Boards that are purchased for installation require the plug-in terminals to be taped prior to coating.


Aerosol contents under pressure. Do not store above 48°C and keep away from heat including the sun. Do not puncture or incinerate can even when empty. Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling contents can be harmful or fatal. Keep away from all live electrical sources. Failure to observe this warning may result in a flash fire or electrical shock. Action Corrosion Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for any injury to any person or damage to any property as a result of using this product.



Action Corrosion Sales guarantees that your product will arrive in full usable condition and will have a shelf life of 24 months from manufacture date when stored correctly. If you receive a product that does not perform as indicated, please contact us. You may also ship back any unopened full container for a refund (see refund rules).

When the rust inhibitor clear coating is properly applied by an authorized Action Corrosion installer, Action Corrosion Sales guarantees that it will last for 3 years so long as it is not exposed to solvents or impact. If the product fails to perform when properly applied by an authorized Action Corrosion installer, Action Corrosion Sales will replace the product free of charge, Action Corrosion PTY, Action Corrosion Sales and SFL Sales LLC. do not warranty workmanship or improper application.


Action Corrosion Sales will not warranty any product where the container has been exposed to solvents or opened. Action Corrosion Sales will not warranty the product if it is not used as it's intended design. for Warranty issues please contact 1-188-735-7253 Ext 3


Action Corrosion Sales (SFL Sales LLC) will give all retail customers only, a full refund for any unused and unopened product. Return shipping is to be paid by the buyer and a 5% restocking fee will apply. These terms do not apply to volume buyers, wholesalers, distributors, or re-sellers.

Product Usage

Action Rustproof Clear is not intended for use on or to protect the external factory paint finish of any vehicle. Although it is a self leveling compound and will leave a clear finish, it is not intended to be used as an automotive finish clear coat and is no way an automotive finish product. DO NOT use this product as a clear Bra. SFL Sales LLC and Acction Corrosion USA is not liable for miss use and use in any fashion other than whats intended in the product description and instructions.

The Company

Action Corrosion and Action Corrosion USA is an Australian based firm, manufacturers of corrosion removal and prevention products, this site is not managed or owned by Action Corrosion or Action Corrosion USA, the sales and contact points for Action Corrosion Sales,,,, and are managed by SFL Sales LLC., a Florida Based corporation that represents and distributes Action Corrosion Products in the US, Canadian and Latin American Markets.

Action Corrosion reserves the right to change, add, or discontinue product containers, container styles, colors and product availability or to update any proprietary blend at it's own discretion with no warning at any time it deems necessary, and is not responsible for any updates to your information or literature on hand, Always check the website for the most up to date product information.

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