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COVID-19 affects us all

Since mid-January we have been observing the situation with COVID-19, as much as we are concerned for our fellow humans, we chose to

view the situation from a manufacturers point of view. Through our joint research with others in our industry we have identified the upcoming shortages, in an industry that depends on Chinese manufacturing for equipment and parts, 2 months of no production will create shortages of 90 and up to 180 days on equipment, parts shortages will follow because manufacturers are naturally holding onto parts in order to start building equipment again.

This is the time of year when distributors stock up for the upcoming summer season, but all orders are going unprocessed.

Now is the time to protect your new or existing HVAC system and PC Boards with Action corrosion products, they are USA made with all USA sourced ingredients, and a good way to help you promote the products and coatings to extend the life of HVAC systems and prevent external damage due to corrosion, moisture and vermin.

PCB damaged by Vermin

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