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GMC truck toddler bed

 Sean contacted us looking for a way to keep that wet look on the rusty truck he was turning in to a bed for his son, we love how his project turned out, now Sean knows that the metal is completely sealed and he gets to keep that shine for many years to come, here's what Sean had to say:

"The colors were brought to life with Rustproof Clear from Action Corrosion"

                                                                                                                                  Sean C.

  Rustproof clear can be applied to a new, rusted or a surface with just the right desired "patina", Action Clear products are designed with rust inhibitors that can prevent rust from happening in the first place or freeze rust in time and stop the deterioration process, the products go on crystal clear and prep work is simple.

HVAC-R Unints and equipment near salt water

 In Barbados we have known for a long time the effects of salt air and simply accepted that Air conditioning units don't last long, With Action corrosion products our company can now treat units before or after installation, sometimes even being able to stop ongoing decay on older units. At UPKEEP Barbados we take pride in the work we do, going the extra mile to provide maximum protection by disassembling the units to the max capacity and then treating every possible area that could rust, like the inside of the coil, the motor, the compressor and all internal fittings, the PC board, and the inside of the cabinet and electrical fittings, by doing this we go above and beyond whats required, the  ACTION clear coat is also very nice because it does not alter the appearance of the equipment, then it's only a matter of a light reapplication to the exposed areas every few years and the life of the equipment will increase by many, many years, imagine if you could increase the life of your equipment from an expected 2-3 years to 10-15 years, how much money could YOU save? this allows our customers to save money on replacement equipment and only spend a fraction on routine maintenance.

                                                                       Dwayne B.


 "I'm a Toyota 4Runner fanatic and I was looking for a way to remove rust and provide protection, I have tried all the off the shelf paints and so called rust protector paint, I first tried Rustproof Clear to restore the plastics, but then I found out about the Rust protection properties and went crazy with it and I'm so glad I did, not only did it bring back the shine to the frame, plastics and engine parts but when I go wheelin, the mud and dirt just falls off when I rinse it with a garden hose, water simply beads where it comes in contact with the painted surface, I used the Gel to remove all the rust first, then I applied a coat of black paint to bring the frame back to it's factory color and some red paint to the valve covers to make the engine pop, but the magic happened once the Rustproof Clear was applied, it brought all the shine back that I normally have to spend hours achieving with oily products that just wash off"

                                                           Tim L.

Bumper before 1
Bumper after 1
Bumper before 2
Bumper after 2
Bumper before 3_LI
Bumper after 3
Bumper before 4
Bumper after 4
Handle before
Handle after
Wheel well
Painted and clear Caliper
Painted and clear Caliper 1
Painted and clear Caliper 2

"As many car guys do, I went outside to rotate my tires and the next thing you know I'm tearing into it a lot deeper than I had planned, but what the heck, my 3/4 ton 2000 GMC Sierrra has been a faithful and dependable truck since the day she joined the family, over the years I have put a little over 296,000 miles on her and I have been under this truck countless times removing rust painting over and over to keep frame rust at bay, but after a while it always comes back, so I decided to treat the whole frame inside and out, undercarriage, drive train, suspension and some of the plastics with ACTION Rustproof Clear, I Painted my calipers with high temp caliper paint and that looked OK, but then I applied 2 coats of Action Rustproof Clear aerosol and they really shine now, there is simply more depth to the color, I did the entire under carriage with  Action Rustproof Clear using an HVLP gun to apply 2 quarts of this rust inhibitor clear coat to my frame, I used the Aerosol version of the Rustproof product for my bumper and handles, I will add more pictures when the sun comes back out"

                                                                                                                                                   Bryan L.

 Recently we acquired a jeep for my personal use, unbeknown to me it was to become the "Action JEEP", funny how my husband did not mention this in the buying process... of course being a used vehicle there were a few blemishes here and there, we will be doing a lot of Action Rustproof Clear treatments but here are the mirrors, they were super faded from UV damage so a quick clean with General Purpose Thinner to remove any oils, then tape off the area to be treated to avoid over spray, one coat of  Rustproof Clear, wait 15 minutes till the clear is dry to the touch, apply a second coat and DONE!

Looks new, can't wait to do the rest of the JEEP

                                    Christy L.

                                  The Action Wife

Restoring JEEP Mirrors

Diff Half and Half
Frame after bath
Frame after paint and clear

 "Around here we are always testing and pushing the limits of our products, although we have done extensive 3rd party testing, we continue to push the envelope and keep coming up with our own new ways to use the line of Action Products, this also helps us develop each line, making sure they will perform, when we tell you it can be done it's because we have done it ourselve's"

              Action Corrosion/SFL sales

Random Items

Using Gel on stainless refrigerator doors


 With the humidity in Florida it does not take long for everything to rust, our stainless refrigerator  started showing rust on the door, right below the water and ice dispenser, not knowing what to do I decided to try Action Rust removal Gel, it looked like a product that would not damage the stainless and would be safe to use inside our home and after talking to someone on the phone I was pretty sure about it, then I tried it, the directions were simple, just apply it leave it on for 30 minutes, scrub it and let it sit for 30 more minutes and then simply wiped it with a wet rag, all the rust is GONE, there seems to be a couple of small pits where the rust actually damaged the stainless, luckily that is hidden behind the plastic plate but all the rust that was there is now completely gone and there was no damage to the metal, I even got some of the Gel on my hand with not burns, itching or reaction, I just washed my hands with water and that was it, I can't wait to try this stuff around all the other rust in my home.


Thanks for making a great product

                                                                                                                                                                                                   B. Gil

De-Rusting and protecting tools

 Action General purpose clear is great to protect tools, when we moved to Florida I noticed that all my sheet metal tools began to rust, I applied some Action Rust Removal Gel to remove the rust and then to protect them for the long haul, I applied Action Clear general purpose Top Coat clear to keep them looking new. It's been 4 months and not a single bit of rust has come back.

Action Guy

Restoring Faded fiberglass

 As many of you know, fiberglass will fade a lot when exposed to UV light, we treated this faded fiberglass ladder to show you the effects of UV light, if you leave a fiberglass ladder out in the sun long enough it will eventually break down, fall apart and fail from sun damage, and fiberglass ladders are expensive! here we demonstrate several steps of the restoration process, we taped off a section of the faded ladder to make a very clear showing of the treated area, we cleaned the surface with thinner and then applied two coats of Action General purpose Top Coat Clear, and so that no one could claim it's photo-shopped we are posting pictures with and without flash, the results are undeniable, the product color has been restored and now it is also protected from harmful UV light, making your investment last longer, imagine if you had to restore the fiberglass slides at a water park, Oh wait! our product already does that in Australia. Why? because Action products go on clear, will not yellow, will not crack, are UV stable and will retain a flex once they have bonded to the surface, that's why, Action Clear comes in aerosol or liquid for ease of use and multiple types of application, brush on, roll on or apply with a sprayer....

                                                                                                                                                    The ACTION team


 "I wanted to make the engine compartment on my Corvette look nice, so I used Rustproof Clear to shine up the faded  plastic engine covers and they looked FANTASTIC... But now the rest of the engine compartment looked dull, I sprayed the rest of the compartment and the only word I had for the results was WOW! that was 4 months ago and it looks exactly the same today, this product works better than any of the other engine shine products I have ever tested"

                                              Scott R.

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