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Who Are we?

Bryan Lemoine, CEO SFL Sales

  I'm Bryan and getting involved with Action Corrosion Products has been one of the most exciting and challenging adventures I've undertaken, along with my Business Partner Kent, a team of great distributors and a growing network of dealers we are making Action Corrosion known in the Americas. By education and trade I have been an HVAC and Environmental Control Technology guy my whole professional life, so it's great promoting the construction side of Action Corrosion but my passion has always been cars and now I get to make the Automotive world part of my everyday life with Action Products. Add to that getting to work all over the Americas and I'm living the dream.

Kent Adamson, 1947-2022

 I'm Kent, after attending college in Nebraska and having an HVAC career that started in 1965 I have spent the better part of my life in the HVAC  and trades industry, when Bryan came to me with this crazy idea that we need to get involved with this product I thought he was nuts, Why would we want to bring some product from Australia? Well... as we got to be more familiar with it and discovered that the product does indeed do what it promises and so much more!, plus has such an incredible track record I jumped in with both feet, with a new manufacturing facility in the US we can supply our US and Latin American customers, we have a lot of fun working with all the aspects of the Action Corrosion line, but the best part is the great people we get the opportunity to meet.

Around the world

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 Barbados is the most easterly island in the Caribbean, at only 166 square miles and relatively flat, Barbados experiences the full effect of the salt laden breeze which it receives from the Atlantic. With no mountains to block, or major natural features to deflect this salt laden air, the infrastructure in Barbados is significantly affected by salt spray. It is for this reason that UpKeep was founded, to provide reliable and high quality maintenance services. 

To achieve this goal, UpKeep, has been searching for a superior product to meet the demands of properties in Barbados. After much searching, we found the Action Corrosion line. With its rust removing gel, and clear coat rust inhibitor, the Action Corrosion products offer superior efficacy, while maintaining the aesthetics of the objects to which they are applied. The market in Barbados, and the wider Caribbean, has been longing for products which combine these qualities. At UpKeep, in addition to providing of rust removal and prevention services for home, business, auto and marine, we also retail the line of Action Corrosion products.


UpKeep is owned and operated by Mr. Dwayne Beckles who holds an undergraduate degree in management and marketing. In addition, Mr. Beckles has years of experience owning and operating successful businesses in Barbados. This track record means that he is well respected and trusted within the local business community, which makes him and UpKeep the ideal representatives of Action Corrosion in Barbados, and eventually a wider Caribbean region.

Everwell building.JPG

 With a large service area and commitment to 

quality, Everwell Parts has become a prime trade

partner that will be able to reach many corners of the 

HVAC market, with a deep product line form Everwell A/C units to Everwell tools, Action Corrosion HVAC-R Clear was a natural match for them, helping protect customers HVAC equipment around Florida and the Caribbean, bringing high quality products to the places we can't reach with a professional sales team and a wide industry knowledge. We are glad to be working with Everwell Parts.

Florida and Latin HVAC markets

IHHIE C-main.jpg

The IHRIE supply story is a story of customer service and dedication to the communities they serve, a story going back to 1972.

Currently with a total of eight locations, more than 65 employees, and more than 125,000 square feet of warehouse space, they serve North Carolina's plumbing contractors, heating and air conditioning contractors, building contractors, city, county, state and federal governments, military bases, schools, colleges, hardware stores, kitchen and bath shops, builder markets, hospitals and industrial markets, IHRIE Supply is the type of distributor we are happy to work with and support.

Bahama flag1.png

              32 degrees is not only a quality HVAC service company and a premier                         Lennox dealer but a full sheet metal shop as well, fully recognizing the ravages

             of rust and corrosion in the Bahamas, by becoming an Action Corrosion dealer they have found the piece that was missing from their services, by introducing the Action Corrosion products to their customers they are able to add a new stream of revenue extending  the life of  HVAC and refrigeration equipment, but they have also added revenue by being able to protect homes from Rust and corrosion, things like custom copper roofs and gutters, pool equipment, plumbing lines and fittings and so many items that are vulnerable to rust and corrosion around the home.  

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For professional coating services throughout Ghana you only have to call Michael at MICELI, from residential to petrochemical projects we can provide the protection you need, rust removal and corrosion protection is our specialty.

Yellow Hat Logo.png

The leader in HVAC supplies, parts and quality products for Trinidad and Tobago is Yellow Hat HVAC, with leading global brands, multiple locations and a wealth of knowledge, Yellow Hat takes pride in their customer service and fosters that culture among our employees, upon taking the Action Corrosion brand we realized the massive potential the products have to protect HVAC systems and provide added VALUE to our customers, servicing customers in T&T and other Caribbean locations, Yellow Hat delivers value and performance.

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